You spend too much time asleep!

I have fucked a lot, I have even been known to “make love” on the rare occasion, it’s not that I don’t like making love, because I do, I love the connection between to souls as you literally become one in the height of an orgasm,  but making  love doesn’t really work if you are not truly in love! I fell in love at a young age and was married by the time I was 19, and at 21 we were heading our separate ways and ready for divorce. My relationship with him was very controlled, I gave up people and things I love to make him happy, and he screwed what made him happy. I was much younger than him and I craved the controlled element of it, although it was the completely the opposite of what I wanted, I finally got up the courage to walk away, and it was the best thing I ever did! I decided to do what made me happy, this just happened to be watching porn, buying new sex toys, drinking wine and eating ice cream. sex toys kept me happy for a while but there is nothing quite like the feel of someone between your legs, scratching your nails along a muscular back, and having someone moaning into your ear! My sex life with my husband was beyond boring, it was unbearable, he made me feel sick, I felt fat, and unattractive, I always wanted to dress up and give him a sexy dance but he always laughed at me and made it uncomfortable. The sex itself was not enjoyable, in the beginning it was, but as time went on I found myself being repelled by him and all the things he said and did turned me off, I became one of those women who conveniently had  a headache every night, I wanted it to be right, but it just wasn’t! I wanted to be the wife that was getting fucked on the kitchen work top whilst the dinner was cooking away. it was not like that at all! until now! I have found a dreamy delicious man that I just want to continuously gobble up! its not about love, its about pleasure. It’s about experimenting in every way that have ever wanted to with out being judged, he doesn’t mind that I want to fuck him 10 times a day, and when he is in work I send him dirty messages or make him sneak off to the toilet for phone sex whilst I hear his release on the phone. He turns me on like you wouldn’t believe and I cant help but think “fuck yeah, I deserve this shit”. He has the most amazing tattooed body, with the perfect amount of chest hair, not to mention his lumber jack beard! He is by all accounts perfect!  not only does he fuck like a porn star but he is genuinely sweet, caring and worships me. I don’t need to go on, you get the gist! every time I talk to him I just want him to fill me up in every way possible. He doesn’t judge my dirty mouth and in fact he bloody well enjoys it when I describe our threesome fantasies to him. I tell him about how much I want to watch him fuck other women. I tell him to bend another woman over and fuck her hard…..to push her face into my pussy whilst he is fucking her from behind, and all the while she is grabbing onto my tits for dear life!   He doesn’t judge me, he enjoys it, and talks dirty back in his seductive sex voice, which to be honest sounds a lot like bat man, and I’m ok with it! His voice is so deep and gravely during sex, I enjoy the sound of him so much that he could get me to orgasm just by talking!   He is simply irresistible!  just one problem, he needs to sleep, which is highly inconvenient, because I could quite happily give up sleep just to spend my life sucking his balls, licking his hard cock, and drinking his sweet nectar. it’s a bit shit that as humans we have certain specifications in order to function. I need sex. I need him.                                                     blog2