blog3YES! Believe it or not men, you can find women obsessed with sex. This page is my new dirty little secret, for all of my awful confessions, I’m trying to keep my identity quiet, so all you need to know is I am “sex with obsession” I’m 22 and horny as hell! Not all women are struggling to find a nightly excuse to keep your big filthy hands off them, your nasty dirty “fuck me hard” words, and your “beer at the end of the day” breath, actually some of us embrace this. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why women would find this a turn off, but when sex is all you can think about its hard to separate the turn offs from the turn on’s. Nearly everything in this world turns me on, but please don’t be naive into thinking this is a good thing, trust me it’s not. I have lost friends, relationships, jobs, all because of my foul mouth, some people are lucky enough to filter the stuff that comes from brain to mouth, not me. I’m the girl you introduce to your parents, and cant help staring at your mums tits, or even worse have a couple of drinks then pretend that I have met you dad before, that time I was giving him a quick blow job in the toilet! by this point your mum will either laugh or kick the shit out of me.

I started to wonder if I was normal, because it only seemed to be me that needed to talk about sex all the time, from the age of 12 I would find myself constantly asking my older friends about sex and what it was, there was a time I believed shagging, fucking, and sex were all different sports, that everything went into a different body part or something, you can imagine the disappointment when I found out this wasn’t so. From about 13 I would watch t.v and feel that special tingling from my clit, and have to take a wonder down stairs just to play and pleasure myself, I could never make myself orgasm, but it still felt sensational. I was never very good with my hand so I used to steal my sisters sex toys or in some cases, shove a barbie up there….. this later turned to the god send that was in fact my electric toothbrush, god bless the GENIUS who invented a vibrating toothbrush! it was at this point I started to stay up late just to watch a sexy film on channel 4, I was entranced by it, the noise, the sweat, the woman’s eyes (how could one human look so seductive just by the use of eyes) the man’s mouth (the groaning and the biting of his own lip) I found myself lost in them. Then came sugar rush, this was a program about a young girl experimenting her way through school, with her ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH! she was of course into women, and this turned me on more than I could imagine. It was then that watching it just wasn’t enough, I needed to have it, and I would have done anything just for someone to touch me, and for me to taste the salty sweaty skin of someone else, this was no longer about sex with boys, it became the obvious solution that I would start fucking girls, because we could just be having an innocent sleepover, my mum wouldn’t of thought anything of me inviting all my girlfriends round to watch a film and eat some pizza. I suppose what I did next could be classed as grooming. I would invite my friends round, the ones I knew had also been having sexual thoughts and asking a few questions, then we would probably find some weed or alcohol from somewhere, then when she was relaxed I would start asking her questions about sex, and if she had ever thought about it, had she ever kissed anyone? would she like too? It would always start out in a bit of an awkward giggly kiss, but from the moment she kissed me I could she see needed more, I of course was a porn fanatic and this is how it would lead to more, we would put it on as laugh, then we would both be so turned on that the kissing continued, followed by wondering hands and biting of flesh, I will never forget the sweet taste that they left in my mouth, the time that they filled in whilst I waited for a big hard cock. This point in my life I should have been an outcast, I was in to rock and metal, I wore black clothes, and too much black make up. but it was almost like people were curious as to what was underneath, in school I had so many friends, that I never really settled down with a certain group I just used to float from one group to another, depending what they could offer me, hot boys? hot girls? weed? alcohol? music? SEX?! my life was entirely consumed with taking control of people and making them want me, I secretly needed them all, I could have quite happily fucked my way through school, but I was cleverer than this, I knew that even from an early age you should never fuck on your own door step…..well except the girls, they were so embarrassed about the whole lesbian fucking that they wouldn’t dare tell each other they had been fucked by me, it felt like the world was my giant dildo and I was ready to jump on top of everyone and everything. Sex controls me, and it always will. This blog will be all about the pleasure and devastation that comes with my obsession, the highs the lows and the damn right hilarious encounters of my sex life, I hope you enjoy 😉

“Is sex dirty? only when it’s done right” – Woody Allen.