foursomevajankle<< That is a VAJANKLE!!  Firstly I would like to start with something I promised I would write about. I am a sex Goddess! well, maybe not quite Goddess but I really do love a good fuck! but when a question was posted on here the other day, about foot fetishes, it led me to thinking why? why do some people get the horn over a toe? they really aren’t the most glorious of creatures, granted you would be buggar’d  without them! but really feet?! but it turns out that my juicy new fella’ has a thing for my feet, now I’m not saying that he wants to make love to my tootsies but he does always give me a foot rub and this always leads to kissing them, and the occasional good old toe suck (which for the record feels weirdly satisfying!) he is constantly saying how cute my feet are and how he could just “eat them on a butty” so I decided to treat him for all the hard foot loving he has been giving me, and in return I would give him some of my very own foot loving!

“Tommy, the bath is ready”

I could hear his heavy feet making his way up the stairs

“mmmm you look delicious, let me in then gorgeous”

He slid into the bath, I placed my feet over him and rested them on his chest, and of course he gently kissed them.

” would you like to try something different?”

“oooh like what?”

I walked my feet down his chest, over his stomach, and placed them around his flacid cock, and got to work. I had no idea what i was doing!! but some how it  was bloody working, I felt his juicy member stiffen and tense, as I teased my feet along his shaft, he was in heaven! he rolled his head back and looked in complete bliss, we stayed like this for a good ten minuets until I got overly turn on a told him to toe fuck me……. :LADIES NEVER ASK A MAN TO TOE FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!! it was not pleasant, firstly it was highly sodding awkward when my vagina nearly gobbled up his whole cock, then as he was thrusting said toe into vagina it fucking scratched ALOT! just avoid it at all costs, I feel I go through these things so you don’t have to…. anyway to cut a long story short, we got out, he pinned me against spread my legs open and licked my noo noo lots 🙂 we later went on to have some incredible sex! but you don’t want to hear about that bit, you want to know about what happened after in our post orgasmic bliss!



” I really enjoyed that whole foot thing, I love trying new things with you”

“good me too”

” yeah I was thinking about something, but I don’t want you to freak out”

“umm go on”

” Ok…..something really bad has been turning me on, and I know it shouldn’t”


” yeah, well basically I really like the idea of watching you fuck someone else”


“Roxy, I know you are always talking about me fucking other people during sex, and about you doing stuff with other women, but it turns out I really like it, and I really thought it was just a fantasy but I’m seriously considering asking you to fuck another woman in front of me”

“Yes, yes, of course yes, you know I would love too, are you sure though, your not going to just freak out after are you?!”

” No I mean it, I want to try it if its something you would be up for”.

So the next day we just happened to be travelling to London, as I had a few meetings I needed to attend, we had decided to go by coach instead of the train as its just a lot cheaper! we managed to book a nice hotel for a reasonable price too! it was like the moment we stepped on the bus something in us changed! we headed straight for the back seats, as it was right next to the toilet, in case we wanted to partake in some bus fucking! (don’t get your hopes up, no bus fucking happened, it’s ok, I was disappointed too) all we could talk about the whole journey was fucking other people, and how erotic it would be to watch. As soon as we hit the motorway my phoned got 4G so I was able to sprawl the internet to see if other people shared our interests, and of course they did, swingers. This always seemed like a dirty word to me and something I did not want to be associated  with, but the more I read the more I longed for it. I began googling’ “LONDON SWINGERS” and writing on different websites, “New young couple looking for hot girl for threesome, or a couple for a swap”  there were so many different words and abbreviations  and terms that I didn’t and still don’t understand! we were so turned on by all of this talk and searching for people that by the time we arrived at our hotel we were ripping each others clothes off in minuets! I had downloaded a few apps on my phone to get chatting with people, but reply there came none, so off we went into soho, where better to find other like minded couples in the heart of the sex capital of London no? NO! what the fuck?? I thought swingers were everywhere,you have no idea how hard it is to try and get someone to either let you fuck their husband/wife or convince someone for a threesome! it was a disaster, we did however end up talking to the most beautiful stripper, and she was enough to fantasize about for one night! I still want to try this, I want to try anything new sexually, please forward me your ideas guys, and I will let you know how well they go down! and on a serious note, ANY SWINGERS OUT THERE?! LONDON or UK based?? give me a shout and tell me what its all about, I NEED IN!